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18/19 Timetables: Available

18/19 Timetables: Will be published on 6th August 2018

1819 iCal has now been released

Online Timetable (Calendar - Green Button) We have reverted to the previous version of Calendar as some students were unable to log into the updated version. We will update everyone once the issues are resolved.

To access your 18/19 Timetable please use the green or blue buttons below:

System Maintenance: 4th January 2018 Timetable maintenance may affect access.

Welcome to the Timetable homepage. Here you will be able to access your timetable using different services, read 'Timetable News' and be able to access help information including FAQs and contact details.

Timetables that are presented and accessible are generated from information provided by your course team and entered by your college timetabling teams.

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Please note the format of room names is different from 31 August 2015, please check the Timetable Help for more details.
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